Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bahasa (1)

Bahasa means language, Indonesian speaks Bahasa Indonesia, but westerners say Indonesian speak Bahasa. That's wrong :)

Bahasa Indonesia is simple. There is no present and past tense, there is no masculine or feminine words.

The structure of Bahasa Indonesia is similar to English:

Subject + Predicate + Object + Place/Time

We can also put Place/Time before the Subject.

These are the list of important words that we usually use as subjects:

Saya, Aku : I
Kamu : You
Kalian : You (for more than one people)
Dia : He/She
Mereka : They

So let's try:

Tadi malam saya makan nasi goreng di restoran.

Tadi malam : last night
Di restoran: at a restaurant.

You should be able to understand the whole sentences ...

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