Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nasi Goreng and Kecap Manis

Who can resist nasi goreng ?? You might reject the idea of having a full meal for breakfast, but nasi goreng is simply irresistible.

My mom grinds some shallots, red chili, garlic, saute them a little bit followed by a plate of white rice, then pour some sweet soy sauce and salt, stir it until done. Don't forget to garnish it with sunny side up, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Voila, it looks like the picture above ...

Do you know what is the Indonesian word for sweet soy sauce? Kecap manis, and it is pronounced very similar to "ketcup". Funny isn't it :) ? Kecap = soy sauce, manis = sweet. Believe me or not, kecap is one of the most important item for Indonesian.

I am craving for nasi goreng ...

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  1. ...and we believe that kecap manis can turn anything into gourmet.