Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trivia facts

These are trivia facts about Indonesia that you might find interesting

1. Indonesia has more than 10,000 islands, I don't know exactly how many they are. I remember my school books said 13,000 something.

2. Indonesia has three time zones: west, central, and east. Places where we will visit are mostly in western time zone, which in summer time 11 hours ahead of eastern time here.

3. Indonesian are generally religious - because they "have to" believe in God, otherwise they are going to be in trouble with the Government.

4. If you think that all Indonesians have skin tone like me, you are wrong. Most of them yes. Some of them has fair skin, more like Chinese, some of them looks more like African than Asian, with dark skin and curly hair. They come from island of Papua, in the eastern part of Indonesia.

5. Yes, a lot of people believe in ghosts and spirits.

6. Celebrities are just the same like here. They have a lot of unimportant drama, and the media overexposes them.

7. We have so many local languange (duh, of course, we have more than 13,000 islands) but in general our generation speak Indonesian.

8. Some Indonesians are super rich, some are extremely poor, the difference are just too extreme, especially in Jakarta. I can easily bring you to a "field trip" to see both sides ...

I am out of ideas ... my brain is fried from the long day at customer site. Good night!

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