Monday, July 19, 2010

Mas Dave

When you meet my family, relatives, and friends, of course you will need to introduce yourself. You can say "Nama saya Dave", which literally means "My name is Dave".

Unlike in United States, people don't call only by name - except among friends. If you call older people by name, it is considered impolite. For example, if you call an older person or a co-worker, or any adult in general, you can always start with Pak (Mr.) or Ibu (Miss), followed by first name. Yes, first name, we rarely call somebody by their last name, except for those who only have single name.

When you meet my parents, you can always call them Om and Tante, which is the equivalent of Uncle and Auntie.

Since I am from Yogyakarta, a lot of people use Javanese words. A lot of people will call me "Mbak" which means older sister. We can also use this as the substitute of "Ibu" for less formal occasions. The male version of "Mbak" is "Mas". Don't be surprised if somebody call you "Mas Dave" :p

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