Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Let me talk about one of my favorite thing, f o o d :)

As you know, Indonesian foods are good :) Some people sometimes generalize that Indonesian food are spicy, which is generally true, but it's not always the case.

We always eat full meal, three times a day - I know I know, you find it weird, but sometimes I am missing having full meal for my breakfast. What I meant by full meal is we always have rice - or its substitute, along with some vegetables and protein side dish which could be meat, fish, or vegan dish. We call those protein side dish as lauk.Meat are luxury dishes for some of us, therefore we don't always have it in our menu. We substitute it with cheaper protein such as tofu, tempe (Americans call it tempeh - fermented soy beans), or eggs.

We usually have sayur - vegetables in every meal. It can be soup, curry-like-dish, or sauted vegetables. Like what you might have read in the book, Indonesian normally eat cooked vegetables, sometimes it's overcooked :) We don't have a lot of salad, but we sometimes eat raw vegetables as side dish when we eat grilled chicken or fish. We call it lalapan. Lalapan is normally eaten with sambal and steamed rice. Can you remember the Indonesian word for rice? Yes dear, correct, nasi :).

After we finish with our main dish, we sometimes have fruits as our dessert. We don't have much sweet dessert like ice cream or cakes. Well, let me correct it, we do have those, but I don't think they are necessarily served as desserts.

Oh, before I forget, did I tell you that sometimes we eat with our bare hands? Of course we don't do it all the time, but when we eat dry meals like fried or grilled chicken or fish with sambal and lalapan, we normally do it. Do you find it gross :)? Well, you can always use spoon and fork if you don't want to do that. Yes, remember how I always use spoon and fork. Spoon in the right hand, fork in the left hand. If you still find it hard, I'll find knife for you so you can eat with fork and knife, hahaha.

I'll continue talking about food in some other time. Now I am tired, need some rest before the crazy work tomorrow.

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